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Our organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, focuses on assisting individuals with criminal backgrounds and those in recovery to achieve transformation through employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the tech industry. 

With the support of our community of experienced technology professionals, including consultants and engineers, we empower individuals transitioning out of prison to re-enter the tech field as certified specialists in various specialties such as Cloud Engineering, Software Engineering, Engineer Management.

Despite the availability of educational programs and bootcamps, the tech industry continues to face a shortage of qualified professionals. Are you the next hire? The next tech entrepreneur? The next mentor? It's time to find out!

Are you just getting out of prison or rehab and looking to rebrand yourself and start a new career in technology?

Come join us and change your future!

Are you bored in your 9-5? Are you looking for something that can give you a little more fulfillment in life?

Help us create a better future!

Are you hiring? Too many openings and not enough talent? Finding it difficult to find the perfect fit?

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Are you just a good person with a beautiful heart that feels the need to donate to a wonderful cause?

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Recidivism, or the tendency to re-offend or return to criminal behavior after being released from prison, is a significant issue in the United States. Factors contributing to high rates of recidivism include a lack of access to education and job training, mental health issues, substance abuse, and social and economic disadvantage. High rates of recidivism can have negative impacts on individuals and society. 

Research suggests that individuals with cognitive disabilities may be over-represented in the prison population. One study found that almost 25% of the prison population in the US (over 400,000 people) could be classified as cognitively disabled. In prison these individuals may struggle and face higher risks of isolation, victimization, and recidivism.

In general, the demand for tech workers in the US has been consistently high in recent years, with many industries experiencing a shortage of qualified tech professionals. This demand is expected to continue in the future, as the use of technology continues to increase and evolve. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow by 11% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

Take these three things and add to them that neurodiverse humans typically enjoy things like:

And we've got a recipe for solving three distinct problems with one path. Will it work for everyone? Not likely, but we're willing to try because we have a passion for people. Tech is super cool, like... ridiculously cool, but people are so much more wonderful and incredible than any tech we've ever seen and they deserve freedom and fulfillment.


A photo of RJ Hill

RJ Hill

RJ is just a guy that does cloud and software engineering. He didn't find out that he was dyslexic until he was 40. He likes people and computers a lot, they're really flippin cool.

Top 3 things that make RJ happier than anything else? 

A photo of Elizabeth Beck

Elizabeth Beck

Elizabeth is currently a Director of Valuation & Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield. When she's not busy directing tons of successful projects at work she's wrangling the neighborhood kids, helping neurodiverse humans find housing, and being an incredible Brand Ambassador and Global Advisory Board Member for My XXY Chromodiversity Foundation!

Top 3 things that make Elizabeth happier than anything else? 


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